10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (2024)

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Cotton is one of the most controversial crops in the world, yet it’s also one of the most widely available fabrics for children’s apparel. This leaves us wondering about (and wanting) to source organic cotton for our children’s clothes when affordable and available.

Free of harsh chemicals, waxes, and formaldehyde, organic cotton is softer and gentler on sensitive skin—which is ideal for toddlers and children. It requires fewer resources to produce and decomposes naturally in less time than its conventional counterparts.

Here are a few of our favorite children’s apparel brands boasting clean and organic cotton for the littlest members of your family. And we’ve also got you covered for baby clothes and baby care products, as well as organic clothing for adults.

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Best Circular

1. Colored Organics

Fair trade

GOTS certified

Woman owned

Best For | Organic cotton essentials
Size Range | 0M–6Y
Price | $12–$54

We love Colored Organics for its affordable, classic apparel. The tees, sweaters, and leggings come in earthy and neutral colors, and are made from 100 percent organic cotton. They’re colored with water-based dyes, too, so no chemical dyes will irritate sensitive skin. Every purchase from the collection helps a child in need, so if you’re looking for a brand that gives back, you’ve found it.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (1)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (2)

2. Hanna Andersson

GOTS certified

OEKO-TEX® certified

Recycled materials

Best For | Brightly colored patterns
Size Range | NB-14Y
Price | $14–$120

Hanna Andersson is a favorite for any famliy that loves bold designs in premium, organic fabrics that are made to last. We especially love the way they incorporate kids’ favorite characters into prints and patterns that are actually cute. From swimwear to matching family pajamas, the Swedish company has been committed to sustainable and fair trade practices for the last forty years, and continue to raise the bar on their own standards (the brand is currently piloting regenerative farming practices with their suppliers, and every year they increase the percentage of recycled materials into their clothing). They also have a pre-loved shop where you can enjoy––how cute is this?–– Hanna-Me-Downs at a discounted price!

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (3)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (4)

3. Mightly

Fair trade

GOTS certified

Woman owned

Best For | Colorful graphic tees
Size Range | 2T–14Y
Price | $28–$56

Mightly is a Fair Trade Certified brand making kids’ active wear from GOTS certified organic cotton. Their bright, playful tops and bottoms are as durable as they are fun, with designs from independent artists in addition to their classic patterns and colorful solids. The women-owned company was created by moms with experience in the apparel industry who wanted to make comfortable, organic clothes that could withstand a full day of play with active kids. That sounds like a winner to us!

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (5)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (6)

4. Burt’s Bees Baby

Budget friendly

GOTS certified

Recycled materials

Best For | Matching pajamas
Size Range | NB–14Y
Price | $15–$30

Readily available online and through third-party retailers, Burt’s Bees Baby’s toddler and kids collection is full of boldly printed pajamas that are made from 100 percent GOTS Certified organic cotton. Don’t be fooled by the name: sizes range from newborn to 14, and they even offer select collections for the whole family! The pieces are soft, durable, and breathable, so you can rest assured—literally—that your child is getting a good night’s rest and that their apparel will last, well, until they grow out of it.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (7)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (8)

5. MATE the Label

American made

B corp

Climate neutral

Plastic/Pfas free

Woman owned

Best For | Sweats
Size Range | 12M-7Y
Price | $32-$58

We love MATE the Label for our own organic cotton sweats, so when we learned about their kid’s label, Mini MATE, we were IN! This LA-based brand creates stylish and sustainable loungewear using GOTS certified organic cotton and Tencel, and finishes off the looks with nontoxic, low-impact dyes in soothing hues. We can’t wait to outfit all the little ones in our lives in these cool, ethically made mini sweats!

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (9)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (10)

6. Rylee + Cru

Fair trade

Family owned

Natural materials

Recycled materials

Small business

Best For | Basics in neutral palettes
Size Range | NB–12Y
Price |$16–$82

Rylee + Cru makes beautiful, timeless children’s clothes in soothing colors and nostalgic prints. Founded by an illustrator, it’s no wonder that the flora and fauna prints are especially sophisticated! Designed in the US and produced in a WRAP certified BCI or BSCI certified factories, the brand also adheres to strict guidelines for their fabrics, including that they are made of natural fibers and dyes, and completely free of antimicrobial chemicals, formaldehyde, pesticides, phthalates, PFCs, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and VOCs.The brand ships in recyclable packaging and gives back with every purchase.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (11)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (12)

7. Kate Quinn

Budget friendly

Natural materials

Woman owned

Best For | Bundles & sets
Size Range | NB–14Y
Price | $11–$46

Kate Quinn‘s collections for babies and kids are meant to make luxurious, soft, sustainable, and beautiful clothing at pricepoints that won’t break the bank. Since discontinuing their wholesale practices and focusing entirely on their online storefront, the brand has been able to cut down markups and sell their supremely soft, functional kids clothing at affordable prices. Choose from organic cotton, bamboo, or lenzing modal (a bio-based fabric made from beech tree cellulose) in unique prints like Early Fall Nautical or Alice Garden Party.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (13)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (14)

8. Boden

Budget friendly

Fair trade

Natural materials

Recycled materials

Best For | Colorful daily wear
Size Range | 12M–14Y
Price |$14–$84

TGT fave Boden makes our lists for adult apparel time and time again, so we aren’t snoozing on their kid’s collections! With the same bold, colorful designs we love so much in their women’s dresses and swimsuits, their children’s tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, swimsuits, jammies, and accessories are just plain fun! The brand is always pushing their own sustainability goals, and recently became carbon neutral two full years before their target. Love that!

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (15)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (16)

9. L’ovedbaby

Fair trade

GOTS certified

Small business

Woman owned

Best For | Seasonal & themed collections
Size Range | 0M–10Y
Price |$9–$64

When a timeless, comfy wardrobe is in order, we’re looking to L’ovedbaby. We love this cozy collection of footies, rompers, bodysuits, and more. The pieces sport simple patterns and calming colors and are crafted without heavy metals, azo dyes, GMOs, and PVC plastics. Whether you opt for its terry cloth, muslin, or knit pointelle fabrics, they’re all ethically made in India from 100 percent organic cotton.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (17)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (18)

10. Jackalo

1% for the planet

Fair trade

Family owned

Best For | Durable organic kids clothes
Size Range | 3Y–14Y
Price |$29–$130

If your kids are hard on their clothes or seem to grow out of new outfits before they even get a chance to wear them, may we introduce you to Jackalo! The organic clothing company creates well-made, versatile basics designed specifically for kids who take their play seriously. With reinforced knees on their best-selling pants, you won’t have to worry about those instant-holes that come with the first wear! In fact, if any Jackalo pants rip within six months of purchase, the brand will repair them free of charge. Combined with their ethical practices, eco-friendly production, and sustainable materials, we’re keeping this shop on our radar.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (19)
10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (20)

As an expert in sustainable and organic clothing, I can provide information on the concepts used in this article. Sustainable and organic clothing is becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious of the environmental and health impacts of conventional textile production.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is one of the main materials discussed in the article. Unlike conventional cotton, which is grown using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic cotton is grown without the use of these chemicals. It is softer and gentler on sensitive skin, making it ideal for children's apparel. Organic cotton also requires fewer resources to produce and decomposes naturally, reducing its environmental impact.

Fair Trade

Several of the brands mentioned in the article are fair trade certified. Fair trade ensures that the workers involved in the production of the clothing are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. It also promotes sustainable farming practices and community development.

GOTS Certification

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it is a certification that ensures the organic status of textiles. Products with GOTS certification meet strict environmental and social criteria throughout the entire production process, from the harvesting of raw materials to the labeling and packaging of the final product.

OEKO-TEX Certification

OEKO-TEX is another certification mentioned in the article. It ensures that textiles are tested for harmful substances and comply with environmental and social standards. OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that the clothing is free of harmful chemicals and safe for children.

Recycled Materials

Some of the brands mentioned in the article incorporate recycled materials into their clothing. Recycling textiles helps reduce waste and the need for new raw materials. It also reduces the energy and water consumption associated with textile production.

Woman-Owned and Small Business

The article highlights brands that are woman-owned and small businesses. Supporting these businesses helps promote diversity and local economies.

Climate Neutral and 1% for the Planet

Some brands mentioned in the article are climate neutral and part of the 1% for the Planet initiative. Being climate neutral means that the brand has taken measures to offset its carbon emissions. The 1% for the Planet initiative involves businesses donating 1% of their revenue to environmental causes.

Overall, these concepts demonstrate the commitment of the mentioned brands to sustainability, ethical practices, and creating clothing that is safe for children and the environment.

10 Best Organic Kids Clothes (And Toddlers Too!) (2024)
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