The Mummy 3: Luke Ford Interview - IGN (2024)

Brendan Fraser is back, and he's bringing his on-screen son for the adventure this time in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The third film in The Mummy series, Australian actor Luke Ford portrays Alex O'Connell – the estranged son of Fraser's tomb plundering character. We had a brief but energetic exchange a little while back about the ins and outs of the shoot, including his voice work in the game as well as shooting the breeze with the Encino Man himself.

IGN: Hey Luke, thanks for chatting to IGN.

Luke Ford:

Hey Pat, how are you mate?

IGN: Welcome back to town; you've been away for a while.

Luke Ford:

Yeah, it's been a bit of an adventure. It's been pretty crazy.

IGN: Tell me about your character in Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. You play Brendan Fraser's son, right? How does that work? What's the real-world age difference between the two of you?

Luke Ford:

I'd say around 14 years! I'm 27 and I think Brendan's about 41.

IGN: Eww. That's kind of creepy when you think about the implications.

Luke Ford:

He was a young one. He was 'young and fertile' is what I say. [laughs]

IGN: No kidding! Did that ever come up on set? Did you ever joke about the age difference?

Luke Ford:

Nah, I think the closest it ever came on-set was when Brendan came up to me and said 'Luke... I am your father.' And that was it. We didn't really talk about the age difference. It was kind of ignored.

IGN: Have you played yourself in the game yet?

Luke Ford:

No – I've only seen little clips of it when I went in to do my voice-acting in the game – a bit of ADR. It looks really good; very much like the film, following the pattern of the film. Seeing yourself as game character is strange, particularly now that my friends can kill me. [laughs] That's the strange part of it.

IGN: Did they scan your face and model your physique?

Luke Ford:

Yeah, they did all that in Montreal and that was part of the visual effects as well as part of the game and all that. Then when we came to Australia to do the game, I just did the voice and the actions and they filmed it a little bit. For the actions, I had to get straight into that American-style action and try and get it as realistic as possible. It just takes a lot of enthusiasm, to just jump straight back into Alex O'Connell – the charming character that he is. Other than that, I just enjoyed it; just had fun.

IGN: Did you have any representatives from the film team with you during recording?

Luke Ford:

They had some people in America who would monitor it by phone. They were keeping an ear on my accent and especially my relationship with the other characters and where my character was coming from – in the sense of his background. We never really established where he came from; whether he was English or American – we went with American, to be honest. But he fled to Australia during the war...


Luke Ford:

[laughs] Yeah, that helped with my accent a bit. So they went with that – as you do. That's pretty much the background of Alex; he hasn't lived with his parents for a long time. He's been away at boarding school and all that. The video game is basically Alex trying to be very independent.

IGN: What was it like working with Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh?

Luke Ford:

Jet Li was fantastic – a machine. One of the all-time greatest martial arts masters in the world and it was just amazing to work with him. I didn't really get to 'know' Jet Li – he's an entity. It would've been pretty hard to sit down with him and say, 'hey, wanna have a cup of coffee?', you know what I mean? So I didn't get to see much of a sense of humour or anything, but he was never rude; just a very quiet guy – which is cool.

Michelle is different; she's a bit more fun. A playful lady, but then she gets to work and she's very serious.

IGN: And is Brendan Fraser a dreamboat in real life too?

Luke Ford:

Yes. Wait. What? [laughs] You know, that's Brendan – a real character, an unusually funny man and you just enjoy his time and his company. There's a real soft side to him.

The Mummy 3: Luke Ford Interview - IGN (1)

IGN: He's come a long way since Encino Man.

Luke Ford:

Aw, mate – that's all I remember him as. Every time I'd see his name, I'd think 'Encino Man'. Or ooh! 'Airheads'!

IGN: What was the jump like from Kokoda and The Black Balloon to something as epic as this? Was it a shock?

Luke Ford:

It was, it was. It was fun though – and it's a style I'd like to keep doing, along with things like Kokoda and The Black Balloon. The hardest day on the shoot was when we're prepping something very large to fall on my head. The amount of sand that went in my eye – it was ripping my eyeballs up and my whole face was covered in sand; my whole eyeball.

I did my knee in, too – I did all these major stunts, and then I did this one minor stunt on a flight of stairs and I strained a ligament on the side of my knee. I wasn't really out of commission though – you just have to keep filming. 'Trooper', basically. [laughs] I got physio twice a day and it took about a month to heal to the point where I could jump again properly.

IGN: What's next for you?

Luke Ford:

I'm not sure! I'm waiting for this to come out first, and then hopefully we'll take it from there!

IGN: Cheers!

Luke Ford:

Beautiful, my man!

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The Mummy 3: Luke Ford Interview - IGN (2024)
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