The Wise Old Woman Plot Diagram Workthrough (2024)

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Okay, I just recorded this with a different recording software and it didn't work so we're gonna go through this.

Well, I guess I'm gonna go through this again um.

This won't take super long.

I think you guys kind of get the hang of it.

Most short stories are pretty straightforward and to the point I mean like footballs, I mean so I'm going to just go through it really quick.

You won't really see me very much, but I'm hoping since I turn the computer you'll be able to hear me better, but you should be able to see what I'm doing on the smart board here so before we go on.

Let's just put the name of the story down, so we've got the wise old woman by yoshiko.

I know I didn't write that down on the plot diagram.

It doesn't say to do that, but I may ask at some point on a test or something so it's good to have the author's name setting.

We don't really know for sure it doesn't give us a time period, so we can just kind of assume, maybe ancient japan a couple different conflicts right.

There's usually one big conflict and also some other small ones, so usually there's one big one and then a couple smaller ones so or we could just go in order.

The first conflict is that the young lord basically banishes I guess old people to die right in the woods.

If you're 71, I would put some old 71 plus if you're, 71 or older, you need to go, be left out in the woods by your family and die, because you can't work, you can't do anything you're, too old, to be valuable to society.

Another conflict is that the young farmer he's gonna hide his mom, so just being able to keep her a secret is a conflict, and then we have lord higa wants to conquer the village.

So those are kind of our main conflicts characters.

We can put four characters, maybe a fifth one.

If we want to count the wise men counsel so character, one young farmer, he doesn't have a name.

His name is young farmer, and then we've got farmer's mom young lord, and then we have lord higa.

We can also put like, I said, wise men, but they weren't super wise because they didn't know anything so sometimes, if we're not sure what exactly are all parts of the rising action, what we can do is come up with what we think the climax is and then work backwards.

So this isn't a super action-packed short story right.

It's not crazy, exciting or anything like that.

A lot of my stories that I pick they're exciting, but in different ways or they're, just interesting, but I would say the peak of the action or like the kind of the apex of the story, would be when he confesses right when the lord tells or when the young farmer tells the lord that he's been hiding his mother.

His mother is the person that's wise right, so young lord confesses, about his mom, and I personally think that that's the climax, because everything afterward is kind of on a downhill.

You know it's not really a climb if it's downhill right, but a downhill, walk to resolution or the happy ending.

So that's what is our climax? What's leading up to that? So the exposition? We get information about the village, this young, lord, so let's we can just start out with young lord vanishes, all 71 plus people, year old, um and that's also one of our conflicts, but we'll just start off there.

There isn't a lot of exposition.

It gets right into it where it says like once upon a time there was a happy village, but then this young lord comes along and says old people are nasty goodbye right.

So the young lord vanishes, all those people, but then what does our main character? Do he hides his mother? He can't do it so young lord hides mom and then the next kind of problem.

We can kind of combine this all together, but so we've got lord higa makes demands right.

He says you need to be able to basically solve all of these riddles.

That's basically what they are they're like physical manifestations of a riddle, or I will take over your village um.

The wise people can't solve it.

But mother can so mother helps son, solve tasks so and then, of course, we know he sells all three and gets money and then the lord is finally like.

How are you so much wiser than all these other guys? He confesses it's.

Actually I've been hiding my mom and then the lord finally realizes oh old people actually do have value they're, not just old and gross and can't work.

We should actually see what they know.

They actually have things to offer, even if it's not what we would normally expect someone who's like a member of society to do right, so people still have value, even if they can't perform certain tasks.

So the young lord realizes that so lord takes back the law and then um.

It doesn't have to always be three in a row, but I'm just trying to remember what I wrote in the last one lawrence takes back the law and then um, oh yeah, and then just everyone is happy smiley face.

So then we've got theme I would say there are probably two major themes here.

I talked about it a little bit in the discussion video when we read the story.

But, of course, if we can't figure out what the theme or the idea is.

We can come up with what.

The message is and then extract the idea.

So if one of the messages that we talked about was um old people are valuable.

For things like wisdom, and we could say wisdom is a theme.

Right wisdom is an idea, and then another theme is: how should we treat our elders? We should respect them right.

That's the message that it's trying to tell us is that again, even though the elderly can't perform certain tasks that young people can they're still valued and should be respected as people so then I would say, respect is the other theme of course you may come up with others.

Um, but those are the two that I personally think fit.

Well with the story, so this is what you should have remember.

That at the end of the unit, you will turn this in.

For completion points.

We read.

Five stories unless for some reason, um I do go down with covid.

Um or I get really sick and you have to have a sub for a few days, then you'll read another story, but you'll turn this in and it's worth about 50 points, I think so make sure you're filling this out as we go.

I'm hoping to have you guys tune in to a google meet at some point and do like a live class but um with how it works with me playing sound out of my speakers and then going through my computer to you guys, sound quality isn't very good, so I'm hoping that you're still able to do this at home with the other audio links and eventually I'm hoping that we can get a better system, but for now make sure you're checking google classroom and have a wonderful rest of your week.


The Wise Old Woman Plot Diagram Workthrough (2024)


What is the plot of the story the wise old woman? ›

Synopsis: The lord of a small village in Japan decrees that all people over the age of 71 must be banished to the mountains to die. The villagers are all upset, but must obey or be fearfully punished. A young farmer tries to take his mother, but loves her too much and so he hides her in his floor instead.

What are the three tasks solutions in the wise old woman? ›

A:The three demands from Lord Higa were a box containg one thousand ropes of ash, a single piece of silk thread be threaded through a hole, and a drum that can beat withought being beaten. The wise womens solved these by soaking ordinary rope in salt water and drying it well , when it is burned it will hold its shape.

What is the climax of the plot diagram? ›

The climax is the most exciting point of the story, and is a turning point for the plot or goals of the main character. The falling action is everything that happens as a result of the climax, including wrapping-up of plot points, questions being answered, and character development.

What is the climax in the wise old woman? ›

Once the cruel lord finds out that it was an old women who solved the riddles and saved the village, he realizes how important our elders are and lifts the law.

What is the conflict in the wise old woman? ›

In this story, there are two main conflicts: The cruel lord's law on banishing the elderly, and the evil warlord Lord Higa's riddles and impending invasion. Complications in the plot add complexity to the story. They help keep the reader interested.

What is the moral of the story the wise? ›

Moral. The wise man's story moral is that you should not worry about your problems because by worrying, you will not be able to solve them; instead, you will waste your time and energy.

What is the wise woman method? ›

Wise Woman ways focus on healing through nourishment of one's whole being; body, mind, heart, and soul. These ways fol- Iowan adage of natural healing: to accomplish healing, interfere with nature as little as possible.

Who came to help the old woman? ›

3. Who Offered to help yhe old woman? Ans: One school boy offered to help the old woman. He lovingly helped her cross the road.

What is the conflict in the plot? ›

Conflict. Another element of the PLOT is the CONFLICT, or problem faced by the characters. CONFLICT happens when characters are against each other, like teams in a game or two groups fighting on the playground.

What is the plot of the story? ›

The plot of a book, film, or play is the series of events that unfolds from start to finish. The plot explains not just what happens but also the causality—how one event leads to another. In Poetics, Aristotle identified the basic form of a plot as containing three parts: a beginning, middle, and end.

What is the falling action of the plot diagram? ›

The falling action is the events that happen after the climax that lead to a resolution or ending to the story. The resolution is the outcome of the story. It is how things end up or turn out for the characters.

What is the climax of this story? ›

The CLIMAX of the story is when the CONFLICT of the PLOT is resolved.It is often the most exciting part of the story: when the hero saves the princess, discovers the buried treasure, or slays the dragon. Imagine when you read a story that you are climbing up a mountainside. The CLIMAX is the mountain peak.

What is the climax turning point of the story? ›

The Turning Point, also know as the Climax, is the peak of action in the story. It's where the opposing forces of the conflict meet head-on, or an important decision is made or action is taken. The events that take place after the climax are called the Falling Action.

What happens near the story after the climax? ›

After the climax, comes the falling action, because the main incident just occurred. At the end of the falling action, the viewer has arrived at the resolution/denouement, ending the movie.

What is the summary of the wise woman by George Macdonald? ›

Publisher's Summary

This is the story of two girls, one is a princess and the other is a daughter of a shepherd; both are spoiled and self-serving. Their lives are changed forever when they encounter the Wise Woman, who undertakes to teach them virtue with an astounding balance of grace and truth.

What's the moral lesson of the wise old woman? ›

The old woman was wiser than the others in the village because she had lived a long life and had learned many lessons in life. What is the moral of this story? The moral of the story is to honor and respect elderly people.

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